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Martin Gibson
where's me fag? Martin is our fantastic drummer, who has been in too many bands to mention over the years, including some he wishes he could forget. In his youth he has played just about every style of music, which means he can and does call up some very peculiar riffs. One of his greatest fluffs was calling the lead singer of a particular band a "stupid cow" on stage, forgetting his mike was on!

Since recording at Purple in the spring 2001 he was knocked out by how his playing sounded, losing respect for some so called professional drummers who influenced him. Of the few left who Martin feels have shaped the way he plays he still counts:- Bill Bruford (Yes), Carl Palmer (ELP), and for their refusal to conform:- Ginger Baker & Keith Moon. It's not that he doesn't rate drummers of today, just that these guys set the standard that others have followed.

Sitting behind his wall of drums with his roll-up fag, he is the epitome of cool. This image is unfortunately tarnished by his love of prog rock bands, as is borne out by his ancient 1970's 9-piece Pearl kit.

In recent years, Martin has played in rock, pop and jazz outfits, but still looks forward to that elusive buzz when he drums with men in spex.
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