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About Men In Spex

Men In Spex came together in December 2000 in Suffolk, England, writing and performing original rock music with influences from a number of styles from the 60's to the present day. Original members Neil, Martin, Robin and Ren pooled their musical tastes and experiences to write songs they liked but which followed no particular genre, mixing styles to suit the needs of each song.

Men In Spex recorded their first CD "Supermarket Trolley of Despair" in August 2001. 7 songs were recorded in Purple Studios in Norwich the other 7 in Springvale Studios, Ipswich, where the mastering was also done.

Live gigs during 2001-02 included pubs and private parties in Suffolk and Norfolk, a high point being a 40 min set at Colchester Free Festival in 2001. A live appearance on Ipswich Community Radio followed and one song, "Leaving" was used on an extreme mountain biking video made in 2002.

Ren left the band in late 2002 and Alastair Mackie joined, bringing a different vocal style and his own songs. Gigging continued through 2003 until work intervened, with Neil moving to the US and Robin to Swindon. The band had another 2 CD's worth of material but did not manage to get back into the studio. However, Neil returned to the UK in 2006 and the band still gig whenever they can, latterly with Nick Grimsley on vocals.

In Sep 2010 the Men In Spex song "Say What You Want" was played on Patrick Kielty's radio show on BBC Radio 2 in the UK. The song was judged along with 8 others by a studio panel and won, the prize being a live appearance on Radio 2 the following week. Listen out for this, on Saturday Sep 25th 2010 between 10AM and 1PM.

Maybe there's life in the old band yet...

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